Ultra-Plush Towel Set, graphite with purple trim

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Item# : 2016

Our beautiful, warm and oh-so-plush microfiber Bath and Hand Towels are velvety soft and cozy, making them a favorite for everyone. And the Ultra-Plush Bath Towels are 5 cm / 2” wider than our standard Bath Towels! Thanks to our BacLock®* antibacterial agent, you’ll appreciate how they stay cleaner and fresher, longer.

*Contains BacLock, an antibacterial agent for self-cleansing purposes only. The agent is solely designed to inhibit bacterial odor, mold and mildew growth within the product.

Hand Towel: 70 cm x 35 cm / 27.56" x 13.78"

Bath Towel: 140 cm x 75 cm / 55.12" x 29.56"

5 cm / 2" wider than our standard Bath Towels!

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  • Use & Care
    • Use to dry hands, body and hair.
    • Hang to dry after using.
    Caring for Microfiber
    • Wash slightly dirty microfiber with Norwex Dish Liquid under warm running water and use again before laundering. Rinse thoroughly and hang to dry or drop in the dryer.
    • Launder microfiber with other lint-free laundry using a Norwex laundry detergent. 
    • Do not use bleach. Do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets when laundering microfiber as these additives coat the surface of the fibers.
    • For best results, machine dry. Can also be hung to dry.
  • Features & Benefits
    • BacLock®* offers continuous protection against microbes and odors within the cloth.
    • BacLock* within the cloth makes it mildew-resistant, keeping it cleaner and fresher, longer.
    • Save money since you don’t need to wash the towel after each use.
    • Colors complement our Hand Towels and our Body and Face Packs.
    • Super-soft and absorbent so you simply pat dry.

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